Cloud Call Center

Your fully managed call center operation in the cloud. Easy to manage. Endless possibilities......


Automated Voice Assistant (AVR)

Your automated voice assistant or digital receptionist will answer all your incoming calls and provide the caller with a range of options for example, Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support or press 3 for the operator.


Follow Me Service

Follow Me allows for your extension to follow you where ever you go. If you are not at your desk, you can choose a range of end point destination for your extension. Example on extension ring, then voicemail or extension ring, forward then voicemail etc.


Voice Mail

If you are unable to take the call, your voice mail will answer the call for you and take messages which are send directly yo your email inbox with audio file attached.


Fax 2 Email

Receive incoming faxes directly to your email inbox in PDF format. Your Fax 2 Email extension or FOIP number can be directly connected to your company email address,


Email To Fax

Send faxed directly from your email address to any fax number in the world. No need for additional fax lines or fax machines. Simply compose the email and attach documents and email to fax it to the required destination.


Call Recording

The call recording feature allows you to record your conversations and play them back from the call records list. The Cloud PBX System gives you the option of recording internal calls, external calls or all calls.

Cloud PBX & Call Center

Features available in Cloud or Hosted PBX

  • Digital Receptionist
  • Call Recording
  • Voice to Email Messaging (Voice Mail)
  • Fax to email service
  • PBX Extensions
  • PBX Fax Extensions
  • 087 Phone Numbers
  • 086 Phone Numbers
  • Geo Graphic numbers (i.e. 012, 010, 013, 015 etc)
  • Follow Me Service
  • Mobile Phone Extentions
  • Mobile Softphone - A landline on your Mobile Smart Phone

Call Rates & Features:

See our call rates and features below. You save u to 30% on your current telephone bill.



VoIP Lines

Prepaid PBX

Contract PBX

Digital Receptionist
Call recording
Voicemail to email
Inbound fax-to-email
Outbound scan-To-fax
Call Center : Manage Tiers
Call Center : Agents
Call Center : Queues


Call Rates (Per Minute)
Pure Per Second Billing

On – Net Calls 10c
Fixed Line Neotel 37c
Fixed Line Telkom 32c
Mobile Cell C 55c
Mobile MTN 55c
Mobile Telkom 55c
Mobile Vodacom 55c